Browse Wisely – The Extension

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Through the previous posts I wrote about my experiences developing an extension. Browse Wisely is the extension I wrote about.

Browse Wisely is published now!

You just need to visit the Chrome Web Store, download it and you can get the experience of smart browsing.


Browse Wisely have the purpose to help controlling your browsing habits. You can set rules not to spend too much time on selected pages.

Set block rule with a time frame and the extension will not let you visit the selected site. It will automatically redirect you to a random Wikipedia site. You can read the article and learn new things.

Set a warning rule with defining the site you want to monitor and the time (in minutes) to warn you after. If you spent the given time on the page you will be warned. You can navigate to TED videos. Sneeze the warning for 5 minutes. Restart the timer or dismiss the whole warning panel.


It could be a pleasure to see you between my users!

If you try it feel free to write me a comment or send me an email. I’m happy for all the feedback. If you find a bug or have thoughts about features I could build in write to me.


Links to know more about the extension

To try it out

visit the store and download Browse Wisely.

To know more about the extension

visit the marketing site of Browse Wisely.

To follow the development phases read the posts

about the extensions in theory and in practice,

about React tricks with TypeScript,

about the React development,

and about the Parse and login flows.

It will be open-source soon. The skeleton of it already available.


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