Good to be back!

Hi everyone, I am back!

I’m writing this post because of a really interesting comment, one of my reader’s. I was happy to read that comment. Thank you, Derrick! I started to write a comment to answer Derrick but I found myself near to writing a small novel. I wanted to give a good answer, because it was a comment with good thoughts and he spent time to form and to write it to me. It deserved a well thought-out answer.  From the other side I was just about days to write a new blog post. To introduce a new series of blog posts. So the two of this merged into one in my head and that’s how all of this come into existence.

Derrick were right about mixing the two world – jQuery and Angular is not the best idea. Back in those days I talked about that with the members of our team and the developer of the original DataTables as well. It was almost 2 years ago. We were between the two worlds. We were new in Angular but dedicated us to learn it. We had of course a pressure to develop new features and no one wanted to pay only for refactoring the code. But we tried to build a new system from the ashes of old one. We had no time to rewrite everything.  We had some legacy controls written in jQuery and we needed to integrate some of them to the new version as fast as possible. Wrapping them was the way we chose. Most of the new controls and features were developed in the true Angular way but we didn’t have the time and the knowledge to develop a full featured data table fast enough. That’s why I chose to wrap a good one and integrate it into our system. With my current knowledge I would decide otherwise but it was the way, the first steps in fact to get this knowledge what I have now.

I was happy to be able to do that. I wanted to share it with the world. This knowledge could also be important and helpful for a lot of people – I thought. As it was regarding to the emails I got in this theme.

CPTheGoodOlDays_796907061 2 years went by. My knowledge improved a lot. Angular itself improved a lot. Super and free 3rd party controls are all over the world. I am not by that company at all and I had the fortune to work on a fully Angular project with talented guys and learn a lot. But unfortunately I didn’t have the time to blog about all of it.

Until NOW!

Because I am already preparing the material to blog about something new.

(It would be good to blog about the best practices in Angular we taught. I hope someday I will have the time to collect and share all of them. But it isn’t the time. – I will explain why I have time for new things but for the older not.)

In the last couple of months I was working on a new and interesting section of front-end development. As a member of a small team (3 members) I was developing and publishing a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox. It was new for our department in the company, we collected a lot of know-how and fortunately after publishing a stable version the management allocated time for us to share this new know-how with the others as well. Of course it will be published on inside wiki pages and the samples are confidential.

BUT working on that gives me a lot of written material – written in work – that I could use as base for blogging about the processes and best practices of extension development. That motivated me to start developing a smaller extension in my free time. Going through all of the steps once again. Trying out some new technologies to quicken the development (such as Parse and maybe React as well). And of course blogging all about.


I could just hope that I will publish interesting and helpfully information for all of you, my readers. Furthermore hopefully other readers will have the motivation to write me comments too as you did, Derrick. Thanks again!

All comments and constructive criticism are welcome!


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