Disturbance in the Force

Dear visitor, if you’re visiting my blog regularly you could realize that I didn’t write new articles for a time. It is sad. I really would like to write new articles to this blog but I ran out of AngularJS projects for a while. It is even sadder.

I could write some articles about what is happening out there around AngularJS, because everything is changing, but writing about what I just read is not my way of blogging. I want to write just about real experiences, about things that I could try out in a real life project. And for now there is no new AngularJS project on my horizon.

This post will be about sharing my favorite resources about AngularJS, that you, my dear follower could visit as well to be up to date. These are the channels I watching as well and I could refer to you too.


  • Egghead.io
    Really good and short video tutorials about the whole ecosystem of angularjs.
  • Year of moo
    A very good blog abut angularjs extra topics. It gives deep dive informations in a well structured way. I really like to read it. My favorite articles were about debugging & testing and about SEO.
  • ng-newsletter
    This is a weekly newsletter about angularjs, which collects interesting articles from all over the world.
  • ng-book
    A good book about AngularJS.
  • In this January there was the first angular.js conference!
    It was very cool and there is no problem if you missed it, the presentations are available on youtube.
  • Make your own AngularJS
    It was a very big luck that I found this blog post, the post about writing your own angularjs.
    It is very good article because you can look behind the scenes and you are not alone (like when you just look into the source code for something) you have a full guided tour.
    (There is not just a blog series there is a book as well and if you have a chance and would like to learn more you can buy the book. I bought it and really worth it.)


Otherwise my really loved hobby is developing mobile applications. I worked with windows phone for a couple of years and developed some applications for it. But in the last years I was really interested in android as well and for some time past I developing for android as well. During this time I wrote a lot of notes for myself and I think publishing them could be a good idea. It contains a lot of useful information for fresh starters. If you are interested you could visit my blog. I will start posting articles soon! : )

I promise I will not forget this blog neither and as soon as I get new interesting knowledge in the javascript/angular world I will write about it. To get the information from first hand feel free to follow me on twitter @FerencKun