Start up

This is my journey into the world of javascript,
but dear reader, I hope it will be our journey together!

It is a whole new world for me after working so much only with Microsoft related technologies,
I’m definitely ready to conquer it.

I started to be interested in javascript about one and a half years ago.
First, it was just about reading and playing with smaller examples, well, everybody has to start somewhere. But the more I learned about it, the more I felt gaps in my knowledge so I decided to change and put more effort on understanding such problems.

I have just changed my job, which gives me the possibility to work with javascript technologies in bigger projects. Solving programming puzzles and sucking with hard tasks in a real life project is the best way to learn and I did/do both. : )

This blog will be about my experiences gained during these project works.

There will be posts about almost everything from javascript world. About server side-, client side javascript, about no-sql and testing as well and so on.

I hope you will enjoy and of course learn from it!

The first series will be about creating a data table as an angular.js directive including the use of jQuery and Twitter Bootstrap.